Hello Everyone!



Hello Everyone,  let’s me introduce myself. My name is Thomas Petyt (nickname is Shorty) as « Petit » in french means Small. However, my key characteristic – I am 6’9 » – An impressive personal branding isn’t it ?

I was born and grew up in France, I have lived for 4 years in Madagascar and I have been living in Montreal since 2002, withinh Beautifull Province of Quebec, Canada. Then I speak French and English.

I am married and I have a 9 years old daughter.

Why this blog ?

Share and communicate about my professional Interest: Marketing, Monetisation, Mobile, New Media Trends.

Why these topics especially ? Because I have been working for YellowPages Group since 2002 in Marketing, Biz dev, Sales, Finance and more recently YP Mobile team.

I will be happy to have an Interactive Blog to share and think about new ideas. Do not hesitate to communicate or exchange in French or English or Both, I will be happy to answer.

Then Let’s Start !


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