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Design Thinking – Part 1

My previous post was on agile manifesto – A natural bridge is now to introduce Design Thinking a great approach I had the opportunity to test with my team on different projects in the past.

In a nutshell what is the design thinking ?

Design thinking is an approach that was developed by Tim Brown from IDEO.
This approach includes methodology, tool and sensitivity that are used by designers to innovate.

– OK, but what’s in it for me as I am not a designer but a manager?

As a manager this approach allows cross-functional teams to innovate, matching:
1. User expectations;
2. Technological feasibility;
3. Economical reality.

– So what ? 

It allows to innovate and create value for my organisation. Start to be interesting isn’t it? It eases disruptive innovation / incremental innovation

– OK another buzzword: disruptive innovation !

Let’s parking lot innovation term for a minute, we’ll get there.
The design thinking is a methodology of definition and transformation of opportunity in value creation. A user centric approach to answer real user needs. ie Steve jobs understood when creating the iPad that users didn’t need a keyboard.

–  What is the methodology ?

1. Empathize: In order to innovate the Designer needs to be emphatic. As a Designer let’s put yourself in client’s shoes. Watch client’s needs instead of asking him. By definition a client doesn’t know what he wants / needs until the solution or the product exists. User Experience is the heart of definition of Empathy.

2. Define: Based on user feed-backs and insight, the designer defines the issues or problem we need to solve on behalf of the customers. This is a critical moment as we don’t want to miss the target, this step will be used to fuel the next steps.

3. Ideate: The Manager / Designer seats with his team and start to brainstorm on possible answers to user needs. All ideas are valid until their are filtered. Time for creativity and craziness – no limits !

4. Prototype: The Designer prototypes in order to provide an early solution in hands of users (Does this ring a bell with my previous post – on Agility). 1st iteration of multiple deliveries. 

5. Test: Don’t talk but deliver real solution for testing.  The designer delivers a 1st iteration of is product. He collects user feed-backs to improve his solution. Back to square 1, The loop is complete, now he can start again with step 2 in order to improve his product solution.

Are you « Masigners » I(Manager + Designer)? Have been able to apply this approach in your organization ?

– Sounds Great ! But what about disruptive innovation ? 

This will be part of my next post – Stay Tune !

Design cheat sheet

Harvard Business Review – The Evolution of Design Thinking

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