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Agility – Part 1


Agile, Agility, Agile Methods ? What does it mean ? What is the origin ?Agile-Team-Professionals-Solutions-IQ1

The « agile » term was used for the first time in 2001 to name methods for software development

The agile manifesto includes 4 values and 12 principles. More than these values and principles the essence of agility consider a state of mind, a philosophy a culture

The agile manifesto put emphasis on individuals more than processes and tools, on software more than documentations, collaboration with customers more than negotiations, adaption to change more than planning.

The agile manifesto does not tend to eliminate former traditional methods. It still recognizes a lot o value to these methods but only privileged Agile values

Among the 12 agile principles we can count:
– Client satisfaction (as main principle) to deliver early and regularly solutions that match client needs.
– It also puts emphasis on managerial approaches promoting confidence, support, sustaining rhythms and auto-management of teams.
– The capabilities for agile teams for adaptation is also critical, How teams can quickly and wisely identify solutions to face issues and change their approach.
– Continuous improvement and the right to fail are also important principles.
– The capability to manage uncertainty and complexity by delivering iterative solution are also key elements of agile methodology.

Despite this agile manifesto was built for software development the agile method can be adapted to many different projects and initiative. In the past as Director of strategy I have applied this approach with the team and the organisation. Great approach and endeavor!

To your mind, is your organisational culture promote these values and principles ? Is your organisation Customer centric? Is your organisation support failure ? Is your management ready to let their employees to lead projects? And you, do you think you are an agile manager ?

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