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Anyway an advertiser can leverage the iPhone’s SIRI ?

With the Arrival of the SIRI functionality (voice recognition) on the iPhone 4S, Apple creates new opportunities and challenges for Media and Ad Agencies. How to generate revenue from this functionality? As keyword driven searches generate Banner Advertisement on Search Engines, can we creates advertisement responses to voiced requests? Pretty easy you will say this is just a Taxonomy play where Voice will have to be matched to brands or advertisement key-wording. However we still have to consider relevancy risk in user experience when interpretation is wrong. Also can we move beyond basic display advertisement and develop a solution that will drive voice advertisement direct responses to queries ?

I think voice recognition directory players may have a card to play here as they have already developed this type of solution through directory assistance tools. Can we leverage this solution and deploy it at large on various applications as directory ?

A key element that will be required to track is the usage of this functionality and how user will embark and consider this tool as valuable tool.

Thank you

We will have to wait for the iPhone 5 – iPhone 4S is coming on October 14th


Tim Cooks has shared the new upcoming Apple innovation for Q4 Quarter today.
Few great innovations including the iOS 5, iCloud, iMessage, New iPod series and the new iPhone 4S with the SIRI. Great but not disruptive this time and specifically talking about the iPhone 4S. Did Apple Miss the iPhone 5 delivery date? It just looks like improvement compared to the previous model: Faster (A5 Chip), Better Camera and Antenna Fixes. The only iPhone element that looks great is the voice recognition system described by Apple as an Assistant called « SIRI » (For Sorry I’ve Repeated It ?). In a nutshell, you can ask anything to your iPhone and you will get results.

Except if you are a gamer or a Youtubehoolic, then if you are using your iPhone for day to day activities and business, nothing sufficient to trade off your iPhone 4 for an iPhone 4s and I would suggest for those who have no iPhone to Buy the iPhone 4 and should wait for the iPhone 5 next year.

For all the details about today’s Apple show i would encourage you to visit engadget website