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How to monetize mobile properties (Part 1)

MSPLet’s me introduce our 1st monetization product for Mobile:
MSP or Mobile Sponsored Placement 

What does it look like ?
In a nutshell this product offers 1st position for searches on mobile.

So, we offer opportunity to advertisers to capture the growing, exploding Mobile traffic which represents now more than 30% of all traffic.

Six rotating advertisers share the top priority in each market / heading intercept on mobile.

Thus, advertisers can showcase during a very contextual searches process: Users who are looking for immediate and specific needs in a specific geo-localized situation.

With a clear design and enhanced functionality, as click to call button on result pages, enriched information on merchant pages as Text caption, Logo and business hours, consumers can reach the advertiser fairly easily, then driving leads towards the advertisers.

So nothing revolutionary you will say, it looks like a sponsored placement as we can find on Majority of search engines or phone directory applications….

….and you are right !

This is exactly why we are delivering tremendous results.

This is only a question of Simplicity.

Why it works:
Because we wanted to stay close to the basics, we have not reinvented the wheel. We have just decided to adapt to Mobile an online product with proven results to deliver strong ROI to our advertisers. Then this product respects three basic rules – WIN – WIN – WIN


– Winner for the user as user friendly and satisfying user needs in search context;

– Winner for the Advertiser with a Proven ROI;

– Winner for the sales as it easy to understand and pitch;


Next post, I will share with you more in detail the details for each winning pieces

Thomas Petyt